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Tuesdays from Pastor Tim – From July 6, 2022

Each Tuesday I’m going to send an email out to First UMC with updates from my week as your pastor and upcoming activities of the church. I will repost those emails here. In the future I intend to post them on the same day. —– First UMC Family My Summer Activities Summer is a time […]

Holy Week – God is always with us

For Christians Holy Week is always an important time as we finish out the lenten season and prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. But this year Holy Week takes on new meaning. This is the first year since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in 2020 that we are able to […]

Why I Am Committed to #BeUMC

I did not grow up United Methodist. I came to The United Methodist Church as an already ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I joined the UMC and transferred my credentials to the UMC becoming an Elder in Full Connection in the UMC. I joined the UMC because I find the Wesleyan concepts […]

Epiphany – Light Has Come into the World!

I had moved away from blogging during the early part of the pandemic to focus on video as a needed medium of communication. But, in this new year 2022 I’m getting back to blogging. Today is Epiphany. This is the last day of the Christmas Season (the 12th day of Christmas) when we celebrate the […]


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