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  • Why United Methodist? – Part 4 – Connectionalism

    Connectionalism.  What is connectionalism?  Well simply put it means that it is the United Methodist Church and not the United Methodist Churches.  United Methodists are part of one cohesive faith family.  Each local church is part of an Annual Conference of  Churches which is part of the national body of United Methodists.  Each church contributes […]

  • Why United Methodist? – Part 3 – The Sacraments

    I have had a long appreciation for the United Methodist understanding of the sacraments. (If you want a full theological understanding of the sacraments read “By Water and the Spirit” and “This Holy Mystery” which explains the theology of the two sacraments recognized by United Methodists, Baptism and Holy Communion. ) In a United Methodist […]

  • Why a United Methodist? – Part 2 – Grace

    John Wesley talked about God’s grace in three ways, Prevenient Grace, Justifying Grace, and Sanctifying Grace. I think my previous faith background probably was most focused on Justifying Grace and that is also an important Wesleyan emphasis.  It is that grace that comes as we appropriate our faith and as we become not only a […]

  • Why a United Methodist? – Part 1 – Grace

    Many of you will be aware that my previous ministry has been in Baptist churches.  So the question does come up fairly regularly, “why are you becoming a United Methodist?”  I could try to answer the question in one post but there are several facets to my decision which include theology, polity, and practice.  So […]