Category: United Methodist Church

  • The Generosity of Hope

    How do we learn to be generous and caring people? Many of us learned generosity from our parents. We saw them helping and giving to others. They generously gave their time and interest to us by raising us, taking care of us, and showing interest in us. Many of us have learned about generosity through […]

  • The Way of Hope

    When we think about “The Way of Hope” in Advent I think about the message of of John the Baptist whose ministry echo’s Isaiah’s text, “A voice crying the the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord.” For American Protestant Christians “prepare” seems to mean an ever increasing flurry of activities and plans during the […]

  • Anticipating Hope

    This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation, hope and anticipation. This first Sunday we will gather in worship to think about what it means for us to hope by anticipating for future God is preparing for us. The scripture for Sunday is Luke 21:25-36. In this passage of scripture […]

  • Advents Coming! Stay Tuned.

    During Advent this year I will be blogging about our Advent worship series “A Thrill of Hope!” I have been looking at moving my blog in a new direction and I look forward to using this space as a place to talk about worship, preaching, themes that we are following throughout the year, and other […]

  • Indianola First UMC’s Leadership Stand for Inclusion!

    In response to the decisions of the 2019 General Conference of the UMC the Administrative Council of Indianola First UMC adopted the following statement – “First UMC Indianola Iowa is an inclusive church for ALL people in our community, liberals, conservatives, LGBTQ+, straight, young, persons of every race and ethnicity, old, rich, poor, whomever. First […]