Author: Tim

  • A Pastoral Letter to God’s people at Indianola First UMC

    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, By now you are hearing that the work of the General Conference in St. Louis did not go as many of us had hoped and prayed it would go. The One Church Plan failed to pass and we will be left without a General Conference adopted way forward.  It […]

  • What the Bible does (and doesn’t say) about marriage

    For those of you who couldn’t make it to Indianola First UMC on Sunday or others who might be interested, I’m posting my sermon from this Sunday about my understanding of what the Bible does and doesn’t say about marriage. You can get the full details in the sermon. But let me summarize briefly. I believe […]

  • What the Bible Says About Love

    Beginning the first Sunday in February First UMC in Indianola will have a four week sermon series on “What the Bible says about Love.”  What the Bible Says About Love February 3 – “What the Bible Says About God’s Love For Us” February 10 – “What the Bible Says (And Doesn’t Say) About Marriage” February […]

  • The Way Forward – My Two Cents on Current Models

    I’m sure every blogger in the UMC is probably going to end up posting something about which of the Way Forward Commission’s current proposed options they like and why. So, I might as well put in my two cents. Let me start with a couple of disclaimers and statements of fact. I’m an Elder in […]

  • Uniting Methodist Movement – Staying Together

    I attended the Uniting Methodist Movement’s event in Atlanta, GA last week. I attended because I wanted to hear directly from the leaders of this movement and their vision for unity. I had an immediate attraction to this movement because, having grown up in one denomination that split and served previously in another denomination that […]