Holy Week – God is always with us

For Christians Holy Week is always an important time as we finish out the lenten season and prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. But this year Holy Week takes on new meaning.

This is the first year since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us in 2020 that we are able to offer our full lenten and Holy Week worship opportunities as we had been most accustomed to. This year we were able to impose ashes on Ash Wednesday rather than be concerned about touch. This month we started offering intinction for Holy Communion again as one of our options for communing, while still providing prepackaged communion for those who need it. This year we offer all of our usual in person worship, now enhanced with streaming online worship. All of this gives me a new appreciate for all that we always did and had been able to do.

It is also a reminder that as difficult as the last two years were, in 2020 and 2021 we will worshiped, we still communed, we still celebrated Christ’s resurrection. The ups and downs of the pandemic did not keep us from our relationship with God!

In this Holy Week as we journey with Jesus through his week in Jerusalem, to the Upper Room, from the Upper Room to the Garden and then to the cross, we are reminded that in good days and bad days in easy years and hard years God is always with us, always has been with us, always will be with us. And that the life Christ gave for us reminds us of Jesus words, “I will be with you always….”

In Christ,

Tim Bonney

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