The Generosity of Hope

How do we learn to be generous and caring people? Many of us learned generosity from our parents. We saw them helping and giving to others. They generously gave their time and interest to us by raising us, taking care of us, and showing interest in us.

Many of us have learned about generosity through the church. As a small child I was encouraged by my parents and by the church to give to the church offering to learn about giving. The amount I was giving was small. But the lesson was that everyone is to be generous no matter who they are or what they have.  But ultimately we learn about generosity from God.

God’s generosity this week is shown to us in the coming of John the Baptizer who came preaching a message of repentance AND offering a way for us to repent through baptism and through the hope of a coming Messiah. While John offered baptism he promised that one would be coming who would also bring the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We probably talk less about the Holy Spirit than we do Jesus or God the Father. But the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is that part of God that guides us, lives with us and dwells in us. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us and prompts us. It is the Holy Spirit that participates in God’s never ending pursuit of a relationship. The Holy Spirit is God with us!

We learn in this season of hope that we have a loving and generous God who lavishly pours out love, grace, and peace on us!

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