A New Facebook Page

Social media is always growing and changing and how best to use social media to share with the world is always changing too.

This week I’ve added a new Facebook page to my social media publishing. This new page represents my professional ministry presence of Facebook. I still have my personal Facebook profile and many of you will choose to remain friends of mine on Facebook (I hope!) but the new page is going to allow me to give some definition and direction to my posting.

The new page will be focused specifically on church and faith related posts, ideas and discussion. Posts about my dog, car trouble or what I thought of dinner (if here were to so post) would go on my personal profile. The new page will focus on what matters to me in ministry as a pastor service Christ in the United Methodist Church.

If you are interested in following my new page you don’t have to friend me, just go to the page (or here on this blog) and click “like” and you will be following my posts.

Or if you would like to look at the page now you can go to this url https://www.facebook.com/pastortimothybonney/.

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